#HOHGETSFIT Starts the 21 Day Fix

Yes, you read that right. #HOHGETSFIT has jumped on the 21 Day Fix bandwagon. 

If you’ve been following along, you know that the House of Hills has been working toward a fitter lifestyle (AKA #HOHGETSFIT). Maggie and I joined a gym. David has been doing workouts at home. We’ve been trying to improve our eating.

Here Mags and I are the beginning of the journey.


And, it’s been going pretty well. I lost ten pounds by the end of February. And, I lost another ten by the end of April. Then, I stalled out. Don’t get me wrong. I still FEEL BETTER. I have more stamina. I think I’m a nicer person to be around.

Here we are at the end of May.


I’ve continued to exercise…

However, I haven’t been consistent like I was. I was starting to get lazy with the food. (I mean, my child started a cookie company and doesn’t eat cookies. Who do you think is taste-testing those things?) I needed a little nudge in the right direction.

I have too much at stake here people.
I need to be alive to meet my grandchildren.

I have quite a few friends, both in real life and online, who are Beachbody coaches and while none of them pressured me, all had reached out to tell me about Beachbody. So, for Mother’s Day, I got the 21 Day Fix Program, and I joined a challenge group that started yesterday.

For those of you that don’t now, the 21 Day Fix is a three week (duh) program that encourages you to track your eating through monitoring how many “colors” or servings of different types of food you eat each day. In addition, they provide a workout DVD that gives you a 30 minute workout rotating through multiple types of workouts so you don’t get bored. Finally, you are encouraged to drink Shakeology, which is a nutrient packed protein powder that is actually a meal replacement.

21 Day Fix Package

I got the vegan Shakeology in case Maggie can have it.
I’m still investigating if it’s Low Fodmap or not.

Because everything is portion controlled, it is VERY important to be prepared. So, I spent a good bit of the weekend dealing with this.

21 Day Fix Prep

And making it look like this.


Lots of little containers people. Lots of little containers.

It’s been worth it though. The first two days have gone pretty well. I’m excited to have a new focus and a new accountability group. If there is one thing I’ve learned on this fitness journey, it’s that I respond better when I know people are either counting on me or encouraging me. An accountability group does both.

I’ll keep you updated!

Have any of you done the 21 Day Fix?


12 thoughts on “#HOHGETSFIT Starts the 21 Day Fix

  1. I have not done the 21 Day Fit. In my life I think I have tried everything at one time or another. I think preparing your food ahead of time makes you think about what to eat, getting the leftovers in the fridge before you can sample them , and a smaller plate size has worked well for us. Your food looks so good! Enjoy it!


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