21 Day Fix : Day 8

Thanks for coming on my 21 Day Fix journey with me! We’re on Day 8, and it’s weigh in day!


What? What? That’s crazy to me. This is just what my body needed to kick-start my metabolism again. For those of you just joining us, before I started the 21 Day Fix, I had already lost 20 pounds working out at the gym and making better eating choices. However, I had hit a plateau. Well, that’s gone! I know I won’t lose four pounds again this week, but it’s great to be a huge step closer to the magic number I was hoping to hit on this challenge!

Here’s what I ate on Day 8:

Meal 1: 1 Red 2 Green 1 Purple .5 Yellow  
1 Cup Berries
1 Cup Almond Milk
1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Kale

Yes! I put kale in the smoothie! And, I could almost not taste it. I forgot my almond butter. If I’d have had the almond butter, we would have been totally kale taste free but with all the nutrients. I love the nutrients in kale. I HATE the taste of kale.

21 Day Fix Day 8 Meal 1


Meal 2: 1 Green 1 Red 1 Yellow 2 Tsp
Baked Fajitas
Brown Rice

This travels and warms up well at the office. Just an FYI.

21 Day Fix Day 8 Meal 2


Meal 3: 1 Green 1 Purple
Green Smoothie

I made a batch of my green smoothies yesterday so I could easily get a few more veggies in at the office. These are pretty good, and I LOVE to drink them in the summer. They are so refreshing. Based on the recipe and the fact that one batch makes four mason jars, I’m going with one green (veggie) and one purple (fruit) per jar.

21 Day Fix Day 8 Meal 3


Meal 4: 1 Red
2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Pretend there are two eggs in the picture. Sometimes, you forget to snap a picture before you start eating. Hard boiled eggs travel REALLY well and are a quick and easy red (protein).

21 Day Fix Day 8 Meal 4


Meal 3: 1 Red 2 Yellow  1 Tsp
2 Eggs
2 Pieces Toast

This is called the lazy meal, but it gets the food in. And, we obviously need a new toaster oven. We got ours for a wedding gift. That was in 1998. I’m thinking it’s time.

21 Day Fix Day 8 Meal 5


Meal 6: 1 Purple 1 Red
Light Ricotta Cheese

Yes, I could eat this to end my day every night. LOVE IT! One thing I have discovered. There is a definite difference between brand name light ricotta cheese and store brand. Do yourself a favor. Buy the brand name. The store brand will end up in the trash. Trust me on this one.

21 Day Fix Day 10 Meal 5


Totals for the day:
4 Green (short 1)
3 Purple 
5 Red
3.5  Yellow (short .5)
0 Blue
0 Orange 
2 Tsp (short 3)

Workout: Total Body Cardio Fix (3o min DVD)
This one killed me last week. I was sore for days. That did not happen this week. So, either I was lazy (and judging by the dripping that was happening I don’t think so) or my muscles are getting used to working in a different way. We’re hoping for the latter.

21 Day Fix Day 8 Workout



  • The program works. Obviously. Four pounds. One week. Wow!
  • My body is getting stronger. My muscles are stretching. That’s cool.

The 21 Day Fix Series (June 2015)

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