21 Day Fix : Day 2

I just started the 21 Day Fix and wanted to share the journey with you. If you have any helpful tips, please share! Here’s Day 2.

Meal One: 1 Red

21 Day Fix Day 2 Meal 1


Meal 2: 1 Purple 1 Red 2 Tsp
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
1/2 Apple (A purple is a small apple. This was a big one.)
2 Tsp Almond Butter

21 Day Fix Day 2

21 Day Fix Day 2


Meal 3: 1 Green 1 Red 1 Yellow 1 Tsp
Grilled chicken
Brown Rice
Grilled Peppers

Sad – no picture. This was GOOD though. David grilled chicken and peppers for me over the weekend and then I put them with brown rice. Yummy!

Meal 4: 1 Purple
Cherries – I love cherries… especially in the summer. So good.

21 Day Fix Day 2 Cherries


Meal 5: 1 Blue 1 Yellow 2 Tsp
Mozzarella Cheese (not pictured)
Steel Cut Oats
Almond Butter

21 Day Fix Day 2 Meal 5


Meal 6: 1 Green 1 Red 1 Purple

21 Day Fix Day 2 Meal 6


Totals for the day:
2 Green (WAY short. WAY)
3 Purple
4 Red (1 short)
3 Yellow (1 short)
1 Blue
No Orange (1 short)
4 Tsp (1 short)

Workout: Upper Fix (3o min DVD)
I was really excited about how well I did on this one. Well, until we got to the planking. My thighs were so sore from the full body yesterday, that I couldn’t plank. The problem wasn’t my arm strength. It was my legs! The big win for this workout was that I was able to use 5 pound weights!! The last time I did any DVD with weights I was only able to use 2 pound weights. So, I was VERY VERY thrilled to be able to use the 5s. I had to document it.

21 Day Fix Day 2 Workout



  • Today, I didn’t start eating until after I worked out, which was like 9:30. That is NOT going to work. I MUST start eating earlier. Much earlier.
  • Preparation is the key. Each and every day.
  • All that working out I’ve been doing has been great, but there are many muscles my body has NOT been using.


The 21 Day Fix Series (June 2015)

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