21 Day Fix : Day 9

We’re in week two of the 21 Day Fix, and while it would be easy to give up at this point, I’m not going to. Why? Because it’s working! I feel better, fitter, stronger, healthier. And, did you see I LOST FOUR POUNDS last week. While it’s not all about the weight loss (blah, blah, blah) it really does feel good to see the number on the scale go down.

So, we push on!

Here’s how Day 9 went down.

Meal 1: 1 Red 2 Green 1 Purple .5 Yellow  2 Tsp
1 Cup Berries
1 Cup Almond Milk
1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Kale
2 Tsp peanut butter powder

This time I remembered the nut butter, and that TOTALLY masked the kale. Looks nasty. Tastes GOOD!

21 Day Fix Day 9 Meal 1


Meal 2: 1 Red
2 Hard Boiled Eggs

I cook eggs 18 at a time so they’re ready in the fridge whenever I need them. Seriously a good idea to have these around when you’re doing 21 Day Fix. Especially, if you have to get 5 red in like I do.  (The number of containers you get in each color is based on your weight at the beginning of the 21 Days.)

21 Day Fix Day 2


Meal 3: .5 Blue 1 Red 1 Yellow
Grilled chicken sausage
Brown Rice
Feta Cheese

21 Day Fix Day 9 Meal 3


Meal 4: 2 Green 1 Purple 1 Blue
Green Smoothie
Veggies and Hummus

21 Day Fix Veggies and Hummus21 Day Fix Day 8 Meal 3









Meal 5: 1 Yellow 2 Tsp
Almond Butter

21 Day Fix Day 2 Meal 5


Meal 6: 1 Red 2 Green 1 Orange 1 Yellow   
Lettuce, peppers, mushrooms
Grilled chicken
Sunflower Seeds and Dressing
Toast (Not pictured)

21 Day Fix Day 9 Meal 6


Totals for the day:
6 Green (over 1)
2 Purple (short 1)
4 Red (short 1)
3.5  Yellow (short .5)
1.5 Blue (over .5)
1 Orange 
4 Tsp (short 1)

Workout: Upper Fix (3o min DVD) This might be my favorite one. It makes me feel strong because I can do most of what Autumn is doing. I don’t have to do all the modifications. Of course, I’m only use 5 pound weights, but I’m not using the 2 pound weights! And yes, we use Starbucks cups ALL THE TIME in the HOH. They go through the dishwasher (straws too) really well. There’s that little tidbit for you.

21 Day Fix Day Day 9 Upper Fix



  • The hardest thing for me is keeping going after I achieve a goal. I wanted to lose weight. I’m doing so. However, just because I lost weight last week doesn’t give me permission to slack off this week. I always want to slack off after I have a good week. So, these next couple days are important. Must keep working.
  • This was the first day I was actually hungry and discontent most of the day. I think it’s because I didn’t get my Shakeology in within twenty minutes of my workout. If I don’t workout and then refuel immediately, it throws me off for the whole day. Because it’s summer, and our schedule is wonky, that means I have to time finishing my workout just as my family is rising. The Vitamix is awesome, but it is LOUD, and we have a small house. Nobody wants to wake up because they hear mom making a smoothie in the kitchen. Also, I love Shakeology.


The 21 Day Fix Series (June 2015)

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  1. You are doing well. Don’t worry about the pounds of the weights you use. You do the most important thing by using them. Proud of you!

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