30 Day Give : Day 10

Looking back over my 30 Day Give posts, I’m realizing A LOT of them involve food. It seems I really like to give to people in the form of a delicious bite.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me knowing that one of my spiritual gifts is hospitality. And, knowing that my love language is acts of service. There is no greater act of service than providing a meal for someone… at least that seems to be the way I think.

Today, I served my writing team. We held our monthly meeting at my house, and I served them both breakfast and lunch. Did I have to serve them homemade food? NO. Could I have gotten it catered? YES. I will say that some of my initial motivation for cooking for them was to save a bit of money from my budget, but that’s not why I decided to really SERVE them. I served them good, warm, homemade food because I care about each and every one of them, and I wanted them to know it.

For breakfast we had sausage balls and these AMAZING cinnamon rolls that I’m making better and better each time I try. Practice makes perfect right?


For lunch I made this awesome crock pot pasta dish with a few variations. I shall blog my version soon. It is SO EASY and SO GOOD.


I also made Bubble Bread. Anyone who has been around my family long enough knows about Bubble Bread. Again, SO EASY and SO GOOD!


Both were thoroughly enjoyed by the team! I served some veggies and fruit too just to give us a bit of nutrition.

It was a great time of savoring not only the food but one another while we took a break from our massive to do list. We got a lot accomplished during the meeting, but even better we got to do it with friends.


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