We are on #TeamJDC

Remember how I said on my Fall TV plan that we were planning to watch The Voice because we knew someone auditioning? Well, he went last night and was AMAZING!!!

Did you see him? Did you see the judges fighting over him? Did you see how charming he was? Love me some James David Carter!

The HOH is on #TeamJDC !!!!

If you missed his blind audition, take just a minute and watch the fabulousness. Truly. Push play. You won’t be sad you did.

See, I told you!!!

Now is the time I get to brag and say I’ve been listening to this man sing for years. He’s led worship at our area churches and does an awesome job. He’s always been my favorite at various Married People events they’ve done because he of course gets the country songs, and his voice just melts you.

We’ve followed his career for years on Facebook and are just so stinkin’ excited for this amazing opportunity he has. Because, the thing is, not only is James David an incredibly talented guy. He’s also a super sweet, caring, southern boy (as seen in this article) who loves the Braves and the Dawgs.

We wish him the best and will be praying God guides him exactly where he needs to go. Right now, he’s leading the pack. Pretty sure it’s gonna stay that way.

#TeamJDC for the win.

Looks like I’ll be watching my first season of The Voice.

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