Top Ten Tuesday: Princess at Callaway

The Princess is at Callaway Gardens this week. My mom and step-dad take the oldest grandchildren for a week in the summer. This year they took FOUR grandchildren. Away. For a week. They are amazing!

The thing I think is so awesome is that my mom and step-dad used to take my siblings and me to Callaway Gardens when we were young. In fact, the Princess has stayed in the same cottage that I did as a kid. Crazy huh?

When you stay in the cottages at Callaway Gardens, you are automatically enrolled in “Summer Family Adventures.” That means that there are activities planned for you all week long. Monday through Friday, the kids go to a day camp where the performers from the FSU circus are their counselors. It’s GREAT fun. So much fun in fact that I could barely understand the Princess when she called last night to tell me all that had happened already. She was SO EXCITED and talking SO FAST!

Here are just a few things the Princess will get to do this week as a part of Summer Family Adventures at Callaway Gardens:

1. Learn to juggle

2. Arts and Crafts

3. Swim in Robin Lake

4. Jump on the net in the circus tent

5. Go fishing

6. Participate in a miniature golf tournament

7. Play on Iceberg Island

8. Learn about various habitats and the animals in them

9. Play beach games

10. Hang out with her cousin Hamilton ALL day long! This is especially great because Hamilton doesn’t live in Metro-Atlanta like the rest of the cousins, so time with him is an extra treat. Oh, and they’re only ten weeks apart in age, so they get to be the cool big cousins and stay up a bit longer than the younger ones.

I know the Princess is going to have an AMAZING week. Do I miss her? A bit. Will I give her big smooches when she comes home? For sure. Am I thankful that she gets this super fun crazy week with her cousins and grandparents every year? ABSOLUTELY!!
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Disclosure: Callaway Gardens has no idea I wrote this post so no compensation. Just me sharing my thoughts.

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