• Maggie
  • Top Ten Tuesday : Jasper

    Maggie enjoyed playing Jasper in “101 Dalmations” a few months ago. I never shared pictures. So, here you go! There’s ten of them!     She had SO MUCH fun being Jasper. She LOVES being the bad guy and is currently rehearsing the role of a Hun in “Mulan.” She actually gets to go to […]

  • Cooking
  • Top Ten Tuesday: Recipes I Need To Blog

    I was reading my friend Mary’s, blog today and saw something in her post that made me pause. Then I got excited. Then, I was sad… so very sad. Mary posted an extremely yummy looking (and WW point friendly) recipe for Baked Apple Crumble. That was exciting. Even MORE exciting was that she was blogging […]

  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Top Ten Tuesday: A Smaller House

    We’re buying a house…. in like a few weeks. Seriously, it’s insanity. We were approved for our loan today, all the paperwork is getting put in order, and we are going to be the proud owners of a brand new cottage. That’s right… we’re buying a cottage. Not a big new house… a cottage. We […]