Top Ten Tuesday: Moving Twice This Year

What? What? I’m blogging two days in a row? What? What?
So excited that my life is SLIGHTLY calming down. The move has been made. The majority of the boxes have been unpacked. My Princess is happily asleep in her new room. My Sweetie and I are sitting on the couches with our dueling laptops. College football is on the TV. Life is GOOD!

We’re gonna doing it again in six months. What? What? Why would we move again in six months? Let me tell you – top ten style.

1. Our house was on the market for nine months. It finally sold all in a hurry at the end of July. We closed September 1. We didn’t buy anything.

2. My AMAZING friend from high school (well, actually we were in 5th grade together, but BFFs in high school) is currently out of the country for a two year stint in Canada with her family for her hubby’s job. Her house was sitting empty…. See where this is going.

3. I wanted the Princess to start the school year in the same school she was going to finish the year. School starts here at the beginning of August. My AMAZING friend’s house is in the same district we KNOW we want to live in permanently.

4. We moved into my AMAZING friend’s house this weekend. While it’s a BEAUTIFUL home, it’s not our permanent home. We’re house sitting. We’re loving it.

5. We’re not paying a mortgage. We got a nice check at the closing and we’re adding to it each month, but we don’t owe anybody anything right now. No bank owns us.

6. We were able to pay off the credit card from the closing payment. That’s right. We are currently DEBT FREE. We have no consumer debt. NONE. For the first time in our married life. It is amazingly freeing. We’re working hard to make sure we stay that way. God has given us the ultimate gift of starting over. We totally recognize it and are humbled by His generosity and grace.

7. We are able to help out an AMAZING friend’s family by doing those little things that need to be done regularly to keep up a house (and not have it empty), and they help us by giving us a place to be while we pray about our next move.

8. The main goal of moving was to get us closer to my office and our church. House sitting here gets me 8 minutes from my office (and 6 of those are to get out of the neighborhood) and much closer to church. We will buy or build close to here as well. It’s in the area we in which want to ultimately reside permanently.

9. We REALLY feel like this is what God wanted us to do. It’s a whole different blog post to be written, but God has lined up the stones on this path so perfectly that we really had no question about moving temporarily into this home. We feel in our heart of hearts that it’s what He wants us to do. Only two other times in my life have I felt His guidance as strongly as I do right now. He’s right here, hands on our shoulders, guiding us down the path He has paved for us. We haven’t even a sliver of doubt that we are in His will right now.

10. Did I mention we are now DEBT FREE!

So, we moved this weekend, and we’re gonna move again in six months or so. We aren’t unpacking all our boxes of course. As we packed, we made sure to label those things that we weren’t going to need in our temporary home. The picture albums and knick knacks don’t need to come out here. Because we were so specific in our packing, we’re already unpacked and settled.

Can I get a Whoop! Whoop!

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Moving Twice This Year

  1. SO happy everything is working out. I’m praying daily that we see God’s plan for our family as clearly. I know we have some big decisions coming up. Its very exciting the way this plan is playing out!

    BTW, was thinking about your post the other day about the hilly neighborhood. Have you tried the greenway?

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