Losing It! 09.10.10

Hello Loisng It! Ladies! How is everyone doing? I feel like I’m returning to my blog this week from a long, foggy vacation! Sorry I missed you last week. It was moving day. We didn’t have Internet in the new house yet. My brain was swirling. Whew! Craziness.

But, I’ BACK!

And, with finally settling into our new (for awhile) house, I’m back on the exercise and eating better plan. Well, the exercise part anyway. Eating better didn’t go so great this week. However, I did walk four out of the five days so I’m pumped about that. And, I can tell my rear is firming back up. It had gotten a little flabby again during my little hiatus.

As for weight – I’m back down to my 193.5. I gained a few there during the move. But, I’ve got them back off. Very excited about that!

I have to share something I discovered during the crazy move week last week. My body really does like to eat healthier and exercise. Shocking I know! I’m thinking that maybe all our bodies like to eat healthy and exercise. I’m thinking that maybe that was the way we were designed. And, so many of us (me included) don’t do it. During move week, I had pizza at least twice and nasty take out two other times. This is the way a great deal of America lives. It made me feel run down and just plain yuck. I was tired and short tempered. At first I just thought it was the stress, but then I realized a good deal of it was that I wasn’t eating right and my body was full of toxins.

What’s really intriguing to me is that I’ve been reading that for years – for like twenty years if we’re honest, but I had never experienced it in myself. That truly feeling nasty that I could attribute back to what I ate. Probably because this is the first time in my life I’ve eaten well for a long period of time. Now that I have this knowledge, what am I going to do with it? That is really the question. Because, let’s face it. Eating healthier is harder… and more expensive. I’m thinking it’s worth it though. And, I’m thinking it’s something I need to teach the Princess. She doesn’t need to wait until she’s almost forty to figure it out. I can teach it to her when she’s eight.

That’s what I’m pondering on this week…. What are you thinking about? How is your journey going?

Link up so we can cheer you on. And, I promise to visit everybody tonight! I won’t be packing/unpacking boxes!

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0 thoughts on “Losing It! 09.10.10

  1. You are getting it. We do it for our insides too. Trust me, it is a lot more expensive trying to fix the damage later in life. Your body is telling you something and you are learning to listen! You are doing really well. Teach what you know to all around you that you love. You are doing this with the blog too!

  2. Hi Kathy! Love your post today!

    I’ll be linking up next week but wanted to give my mini update for this week. Weight stayed the same. Which is good for me, since it didn’t go up! lol I’ve also learned that eating healthy makes me feel better not just physically but emotionally too.

    Have a great week and I’ll check back next week (and also in between) I’m one of your followers, don’t ya know. 🙂

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  4. You are doing awesome. You are so right about feeling better when you eat right. I totally agree, but man, is it hard to do. I am proud of you for realizing it and trying to stay in the healthy lifestyle! Hugs!

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