Moving Day…Again!

Today is MOVING DAY!

Unfortunately, it is not also get Internet at the new house day. So, I’m not sure when I’ll be back. LOL! I can of course blog at the office, but I’m sorta supposed to be working when I’m there.

For those keeping track, yes this is our second move in seven months. However, this time we are moving to stay. We’re moving into our dream cottage and couldn’t be more excited about it! We’ve already moved in a few things, but have got friends and family coming to help us get the big stuff today.

Speaking of friends and family – aren’t they amazing. AMAZING! We couldn’t do this without them. Seriously.

So, say a quick prayer that we get all the difficult stuff moved without incident, that nobody gets hurt, and that it all gets done!

See you soon… from the new home!

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