Works For Me Wednesday: OCC Box

You heard me talk about my Operation Christmas Child birthday party over and over again last month. We had such an AWESOME time that we are already planning to do it again. That’s right! Mark your calendars for next November 12th. We’re gonna party again. This time we WILL make at least 100 boxes! (We only made it to 89 this year.)

Since I KNOW I will be filing many many boxes next year, I’m already working on collecting things. I’m cutting out coupons for toothbrushes and toothpaste that I know I won’t use and watching for sales so I can get them for free. I’m watching the sales at Walmart to see when I can get clothes for almost nothing. (I got some cute shirts today for $3 each.) I’m snagging those Happy Meal toys that never got opened and putting them to the side. I’m collecting all the samples I can find that are able to go in the boxes. (Remember, no liquids.)

In order to keep all these things in one place, I started the OCC Box. Right now it is literally sitting in our living room. I’ve been tossing things into it as I find them. It looks rather empty now (although there are some things in the car I haven’t gotten into the box yet), but I’m pretty sure that by next November, it will be full.

My OCC box works for me!

If you weren’t able to make a box for Operation Christmas Child, you can still build one online. Go here and fill a box so that a special child can have a very merry Christmas.

Also, my bloggy friend over at is in the running for the best video in the Operation Christmas Child contest. Go here to vote for her video! Do it today as the deadline is approaching!

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3 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday: OCC Box

  1. We did two boxes this year, one from each of our older kids. It was great, but I love your idea of collecting stuff throughout the year to be able to do more!

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