It’s Callaway Time Again!

This was the back of my mother’s van last Saturday morning. Five of the seven grandchildren on their way to Callaway Gardens in middle Georgia.

Last year, they took four grandchildren. Next year, all seven will be “eligible” to go. (You have to be fully potty trained and willing to be away from mommy and daddy for a week.)

I love to hear the stories when The Princess (she’s the one on the right) returns. She has SO MUCH FUN on this trip each year. She gets lots of great time with Grandma and Gramps, but even more importantly she gets time with her cousins. She LOVES her cousins….loves them. I think she appreciates and enjoys them more because she’s an only child. This is one of the few times of year that she gets to be rowdy and crazy with kids all day long.

Cousin time at Callaway Gardens…it’s a FINER THING!

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Letter From Camp

We got these AMAZING letters in the mail Thursday. Why were they amazing? Because they were from the Princess. She wrote us two letters from camp! I was SO EXCITED when I saw them in the mailbox.

The Princess is off at camp for the week. We packed her up and dropped her off on Monday. We’re picking her up Friday morning. I can’t wait to hear the stories she has to tell! Her letters told of us of swimming and kayaking and tubing… all the joys of summer on the lake. I can’t wait to hear about the dining hall, her cabin mates, and chapel time.

I am SO PROUD of her for writing us. I am SO THANKFUL that she’s having fun. I am ECSTATIC that I get to see her soon.

A letter from camp… it’s a FINER THING.

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Finer Things Friday: Moving In

The purchase of our new home was finalized on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Princess and I moved the majority of the kitchen – just to go ahead and get it over there. I took two pictures of the event – both with my phone – both not amazing. Both bring tears to my eyes. They are seriously “finer things.”

Look closely and you will see the finer things.

1. All those bags – the Princess carried them ALL in herself.
2. All those baskets – the Princess carried them ALL in herself.
3. The box she’s unpacking – my spices. She unpacked, organized and put them all away.

Look closely and you will see the finer things.

1. The Princess unpacked ALL the bags and put things on the shelve.
2. She made groupings of things that “went together”

The Princess was SO MUCH HELP on Wednesday. Seriously! She blew me away. It was definitely a finer thing…

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Finer Things Friday: Date Days

Many of you have heard of date night. I highly recommend date night. However, at the House of Hills, we really like Date Day. My Sweetie has Fridays off since he works Sundays. Therefore, he’s home all day Friday. Typically, I work on Friday and he runs some errands for us. But once a month or so, I take the morning off, and we have date day. Then, he gets the Princess off the bus, and I work until dinner.

What’s GREAT about date day? Well, for one thing, we’re not tired. As in, it’s light outside and we can have a conversation without wondering when it’s time for night night. Going out to a nice dinner is great, but at the end of the day, I’m wiped. On Date Day, we will usually go out for brunch, which is WAY cheaper than dinner. It also happens to be my favorite meal (especially if there are tasty pancakes involved) so that’s a bonus. Oh, and did I mention it’s during the day so we’re not tired. That lends itself to umm…other things… as well (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Today is Date Day at House of Hills. That means once this post goes up, I won’t be checking in with you for awhile… not on the blog, not on Twitter, not on Facebook. I’ll be hanging with My Sweetie. That’s definitely a FINER THING. He might even take me out for pancakes.

Date Days… A Finer Thing….

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Finer Things Friday: Clean Clothes

My washer died on Tuesday. Well, it didn’t totally die, but it won’t agitate. It will fill with water, make this horrible noise, get the motor hot, and then trip the breaker. If I go mess with it, I can get it to spin and drain. However, there is no cleaning going on. And, I have to catch it before it trips the breaker. So, for all real washing purposes, it is dead to me. Dead I say!

Please note that I said it died on Tuesday. For those of you keeping track, that’s right when the Princess was totally well. Remember, she had the stomach bug. What does that mean? LOTS of LAUNDRY! Everything the Princess touched had to be washed. Clean sheets on her bed and the guest bed where she napped some. LOTS of LAUNDRY I say!

My Sweetie took me on an impromptu date last night (the Princess was with Super Grandma – thanks Grandma). We went washer shopping and then to dinner and an event at church. Dinner was free with a gift card, and the event at church was free. It was still the most expensive date we’ve ever been on. But, I got a new washer out of it. However, it can’t be delivered until Monday. MONDAY I say!

All of the above is NOT a Finer Thing. NOT AT ALL. But, it’s life, and I’m not really complaining because things could be oh so much worse.

You know what is a Finer Thing? CLEAN CLOTHES.

I went to the laundromat today and did five loads of laundry. FIVE I say! We only have three people, but remember, the Princes had created a lot of sick people laundry. And, it’s been FREEZING in Atlanta, so lots of multiple layers and fleece. I used five washers and then loaded up these three huge dryers. I brought it all home, and we had a folding party after dinner.

Clean clothes are definitely a FINER THING.

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Finer Thing Fridays: Washable Lovies

The tummy bug has hit the House of Hills. The Princess had a bit of a fever last night and then woke up this morning with a race to the bathroom. This is NOT a finer thing.

See the Princess’s Lovies – her Beary and Bunny. They ARE a FINER THING. They’re washable!!!! They’re the TY Pluffies. And, they’ve been washed many, many, many times over the years. She’s had Beary since birth. She was a reflux baby so Beary ended up christened with bodily fluids often. He would take a bath almost daily. Bunny came along when she was about two, and they have been a set ever since. It is so helpful to have washable lovies.

Another FINER THING – we have a second set of Beary and Bunny. So, while the first set is taking a bath, the Princess can cuddle with the second set.

Washable Lovies – A FINER THING

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Finer Things Friday: Football

It’s Super Bowl Weekend. That means we will be watching the big game on Sunday. And then football season will be over. The House of Hills is very sad. We at the House of Hills LOVE football. We love watching it all weekend long when college ball is going on.

The Sweetie and I watch football EVERY Saturday and Sunday night during football season. It’s what we do together. I can never remember what we do on weekend nights when there is no football. Guess we’re going to find out soon.

Football… it’s a FINER THING at the House of Hills.

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