Summer is Here!! Packing for Camp

We took the Princess to camp yesterday. I am still struggling with that. I haven’t known what she’s doing for over twenty-four hours. This is SERIOUSLY killing me. Yes, I’m used to being in control. Like, seriously used to being in control.

I had to have a bit of control. So, I packed her as well as I could to make the trip as easy as possible for her.

I learned several years ago that it is easier for the Princess to be independent if I set her up to succeed. That means making it easy for to get dressed each morning.

What makes choosing an outfit as easy as pie? Ziplocs!!!!

We all know I have a love for Ziplocs. Love them!

I pack each of the Princess’s daily outfits in a Ziploc.

Then, I squeeze all the air out of the the bags and line them nice and straight in a duffle.

I added an extra Ziploc with spare panties and socks. I put in her jammies and swimsuits. I added her bag of toiletries and a pouch with her Bible, journal, flashlight and pens. She was all packed and ready to go.

The best part was that the duffle bag fit nicely on the shelf the Princess was provided at camp. She can live right out of the duffle…

And have a blast a camp.

Linked to Works for Me Wednesday because packing in Ziplocs works for me!

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