Things I Love Thursday: The Sisters

These are “The Sisters” – that’s what my Katie’s hubby, Scott, has dubbed us. We’re not biologically related, and we weren’t even great friends six months ago. But now, we are “The Sisters,” and we are tight.

How can three ladies, who all revolved around one person (my Katie) become close and sister-like in less than six months? Actually, I think it took less than forty-eight hours. It only takes one thing. It takes a tragedy. It takes a monumental event that pulls you out of the orbiting that you’ve been doing and straight into the heat of battle.

Before Katie passed, we all knew each other. We were all Katie’s friends. We were at some of the same gatherings. We’d made small talk and compared kid stats. But we didn’t have a strong relationship with one another.

Then, Katie went into hospice on Valentine’s Day. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day. And everything changed.

I was there as the chief BFF. (That’s what I always called myself. Katie called me sister by another mother.) I stood in the room and rushed to the nurse when needed and made sure Scott drank water and Katie’s mom had a coke. That was my role. To be there, bedside.

Angela was chief logistics coordinator. She and her husband had already started talking to the church about the Celebration Service. She was at the ready with funeral home and graveside service information. She was the connection to their current small group and the church. She was a vault of phone numbers. She is AMAZING in “go” mode.

Melanie was chief of childcare. She was and still is the one Katie’s kids turn to first for hugs and kisses. Katie’s kids had spent lots of time with her and her family. They felt safe and loved by them. It was Melanie who drove the kids to the hospice so they could say goodbye to their mother. It was Melanie who took their exhausted selves home to bed that night. She is a “baby angel” as Katie once called her.

The three of us and our husbands spent our Valentine’s Day night saying goodbye to our friend, Katie, and sitting with her husband, Scott. We all had childcare arrangements because it was Valentine’s Day. However, rather than going out, we ate Chick-fil-a and drank sweet tea while we sat in the hospice and talked and laughed and cried. When the hospice nurse asked if someone was coming from the church, Scott looked at the three couples sitting with him and said, “They’re already here.”

Our Katie went to dance with Jesus the next morning….

The next forty-eight hours found the three of us in the thick of caring for the family, disseminating information, organizing services, planning meals, and mourning ourselves. It was a whirlwind, but at the center was the family and us.

The day after Katie passed, I was sitting in an Atlanta Bread Company working on the obituary. (Yes, sometimes it sucks to be “the writer.”) Angela called and wanted to run something by me. She was nearby so decided to come on over. Thirty minutes later, Melanie showed up to help us pick pictures for the Celebration Service. We sat there for three hours. We laughed. We cried. We felt. We hurt. We all knew how the other was feeling. We each understood the others’ pain. We became friends. We became “The Sisters.”

I love these ladies. I’ve become extremely intentional about nurturing my relationship with them and their families. They’ve suffered the same loss I have. They know what I’m feeling. They love Katies’ babies and her hubby as much as I do. They get me. For that, I am truly blessed.

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  1. *tears*

    Such a sweet relationship. I am way happy for you to have such amazing sisters in your life, who can not only help you as you continue grieving for you sweet friend, but can remember her life with you.

    1. KHill says: Reply

      Thanks Sarah. They are truly special ladies.

  2. carrie gilliam says: Reply

    I was in small group with both Katie and Kathy. I can’t think about one without thinking about the other. So much of Kathy is Katie, and so much of Katie is Kathy. I love them both!!

    1. KHill says: Reply

      I love the way you phrased that. So true.

  3. Awwww, I’m so sorry for your loss but happy for your gain of these amazing women.

    1. KHill says: Reply

      Thank you. I’m blessed in many ways.

  4. Kelli says: Reply

    Well alrighty then…make me cry why dontcha!!!!! Thanks a lot. But it’s so true! So thankful you guys were there for Katie!

  5. KHill says: Reply

    I put a tissue warning in my tweet!
    Thanks Kelli.

  6. Elizabeth Daniel Kleid says: Reply

    I loved reading this! Healthy Sisterhood is really an amazing gift from God.

    1. KHill says: Reply


  7. Awww, you are SUCH a good friend, and you HAVE such good friends. So glad you have each other to get through this time!

  8. Scott says: Reply

    Thanks Kathy. It’s so hard to see the silver linings. We know God works for good to those who love Him. But it’s still tough to see that here and now. But even at this early stage, I can look at the sisters and see the grace of God in work bringing His church together in the strongest of bonds. So despite the loss, I’m thankful beyond words that the sisters found each other through this. And I’m so grateful for the continued bonds we all share. To quote Buzz Lightyear, “To infinity and beyond”.

  9. Angela says: Reply

    Just read this again. Still love it, even more if possible. Had so much fun with you all on Saturday. Hugs

    1. KHill says: Reply

      Saturday was AWESOME! You were an amazing hostess.

  10. Brandi says: Reply

    Beautiful! How blessed y’all are to have each other!

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