• Faith
  • Things I Love Thursday: The Sisters

    These are “The Sisters” – that’s what my Katie’s hubby, Scott, has dubbed us. We’re not biologically related, and we weren’t even great friends six months ago. But now, we are “The Sisters,” and we are tight. How can three ladies, who all revolved around one person (my Katie) become close and sister-like in less […]

  • Moving
  • Things I Love Thursday: Keys!!!

    Do you know what these are? These are the keys to our new house! And, I LOVE them. The House of Hills is MOVING AGAIN! Whoop! Why do I love these keys? I love these keys because they represent some seriously hard work and patience on the part of many people. Our closing DID NOT […]

  • Disney
  • We’re Going to Disney World!

    The House of Hills LOVES some Disney World. We go EVERY year. Seriously, every year. We honeymooned there. We took the Princess when she was just three months old, and she’s been every fall since. We’ve even been on a Disney cruise. We LOVE Disney. That is why I am SO excited to be able […]

  • 30 Day Give
  • 30 Day Give: Day 16

    Tuesday morning I took my mom out to breakfast. It was an AMAZING way to start the day. My mom and I have had the typical mother-daughter ups and downs over the years. We couldn’t stand each other when I was a young teen, but as I matured and realized that my mom was pretty […]

  • Recipe
  • Pumpkin Dip

    It’s fall ya’ll!! Well, the calendar says it’s fall. The temperatures in the ATL currently are not supporting that fact. However, we must move on. It is time for pumpkin. We must enjoy the pumpkin in the fall! One of my favorite ways to enjoy the pumpkin – PUMPKIN DIP. That’s right. I said PUMPKIN […]