It’s been ONE Month

One month ago my best friend went to dance with Jesus. In some ways it’s gone fast and in others slow. I’ve counted the days, each and every one. Each morning they are marked in my brain. Two days ago, she was gone. A week ago we said good-bye to her earthly body. Three weeks ago I gave the eulogy at my best friend’s celebration service.

Giving the eulogy at your best friend’s celebration service is NOT something you should do before you’re forty. (Yes, I have a few more months before I’m forty people!) What’s worse, she was only thirty-five. For thirty-five years she lived on this earth. For thirty-five years she shone God’s light to all who encountered her. Many were blessed to know her. I was honored to call her my BFF.

Do I miss her? OH YES I miss her. But, I don’t miss the her that died a month ago. I miss the her that cancer took away from us months before that. I miss my BFF. I miss the lady who made me laugh and then cried with me when I was sad. I miss the woman whose babies I fed and who cackled when her son peed all over me. I miss my friend who made the best banana puddin’ around. I SO MISS her.

While I miss her, I rejoice that she is no longer here…suffering and in pain. She is finally healed. For that, I dance and I sing…. even while I cry…

For those that have requested, you can read my eulogy on her Caring Bridge Page on the March 4th Journal entry.

If you have a moment, pray for those of us who are grieving for Katie today, especially her husband and two children.

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  1. Pamela Faletra says: Reply

    Kathy ~ Your journey through this and the words that you have so beautifully used to mark every emotion along the way had been a blessing to so many. You have many gifts and words is one of the many! I know you have blessed many who at time of struggle cannot put what they feel into words. You have beautifully and with great care let each of us into your most inner thoughts. I pray you all continue on this journey of grief in a direction towards peace. We may never know why and we know it is not for us to ask…yet, it does not make the journey easier. The Faletras adore you and love you. xoxoxox Hugs!

    1. KHill says: Reply

      Thank you friend.

  2. Oh, Kathy. I wish I had some great words for you. She was so blessed to have you as a friend.


  3. KHill says: Reply

    Thanks girl. See you in Orlando! Whoop!

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  6. I am SO sorry to read this!! Thanks for linking back to these I’m sure tough-to-read posts so we could read about your Katie. I’m happy for her that she’s well and with Jesus but sad for you and her family who miss her so. I prayed for you and her family as I was reading this.

    Much love to you!

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