Girl Cousins

These two are cousins. The older a blonde with blue eyes. The younger a brunette with brown eyes. Opposite on the outside, but so so so similar on the inside. They are exactly two years apart (well, miss it by 5 days). They are the only two females in a cousin crew of seven. They are learning to stick together.

They’ve created memories together since birth and have been blessed to go on many adventures together.

They’ve supported one another at recitals and games. Cheering and smiling and giving hugs to congratulate one another.

They’ve been princesses, fairies, pirates, and more together in their plays. Giggling and dancing around Grandma’s basement.

The bond they are forming is a strong one. Their love for one another is deep. It’s beautiful to watch their relationship grow as they age. These two little girls may not have sisters, but they have each other. The Girl Cousins.

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