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Mommy here got a cold last week so needless to say the end of the week did not have as much cooking in it as planned. We were unable to have the guests we wanted to over on Friday because I just wasn’t up to cooking and being social. Anyone who knows me well knows that I must have felt pretty bad to cancel dinner plans. We’ll have to reschedule.

This week, I’ll be at a work retreat at the end of the week. The Princess and My Sweetie will not starve as all their meals will be prepared and ready to warm up before I leave. I get kinda crazy about it. Lots of sticky notes involved. I hate disrupting the household routine in any way, but I’m really looking forward to retreat too.

Here’s the plan:

Sunday: Brinner – Breakfast for dinner. It’s been on the plan twice, but we haven’t done it. We are tonight!

(So – that totally changed when The Princess called to see if she could spend one more night at Grandma’s with the cousins. Another night to ourselves. NO problem. I picked up some wings at Publix, and we watched football. Marital bliss at the House of Hills.)

Monday: Small Group – I’m not cooking. Wahoooooo…

Tuesday: Chicken Quesadillas, salad, fruit

Wednesday: Bratwurst, noodles, green beans

Thursday: BBQ for My Sweetie and Chicken Nuggets for the Princess, fruit

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Either leftovers or Chinese depending on if Mommy is home yet

For those of you following along with my eat from the pantry challenge that I’m doing over with Money Saving Mom along with hundreds of others, it’s not going so well. Well, that depends on how you qualify well. We’re eating from the pantry and freezer. However, I REALLY have a hard time not just stopping at the store for one thing which then turns into several things. Do we absolutely NEED what I’m buying? Well, no. Is it nice to have? Well, yes.

Our big purchases this week were pork loin that was on sale at Publix (My Sweetie loves pork loin). I bought several and put them in the freezer. Then My Sweetie was out of ingredients to make his morning smoothie. Hadn’t planned on buying that huge bag of frozen strawberries.


I am proud to say that I’m spending less this week than previously on groceries. However, I had hoped to spend even less than I am. It’s a learning process – right?

Check out for more menu plans and lots of great recipes.

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