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  • Why did David pack his desk?

    My awesome hubby posted this picture today. No sooner was it out there than I was getting texts, tweets and actual people popping into my office all with the same question, “Why did David pack his desk?” It was really kinda funny. The thing is, we pretty much live our lives on social media, and […]

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  • Mags on the Disney Stage

    Have you ever dreamed of singing and dancing on a Disney stage? Ask that question to any Drama Kid, and you’ll get a resounding, “YES!” My girl’s dream came true last month when her theater troupe won the National Performing Arts Festival’s coveted “Showcase Award.” That award allowed them to perform their entire twenty-minute competition […]

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  • Rewards : Why?

    I went to the dentist today to get fillings. I didn’t cry. I didn’t bite the dentist. I deserved a reward. So, I got myself a LARGE shake from McDonalds. WHY? Why did I think that my behavior deserved a reward? I’m a grown up. I’m almost 40 for goodness sakes. Do I really need […]

  • Losing It!
  • Losing It! Update: 04.02.10

    Another week down. Whew! How time is flying!! I had such a GREAT week last week that I was a little nervous heading into this one. Sometimes when I have a good week on eating, I slide the next week. At least on past diets I have, but this is a lifestyle change, not a […]

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  • MMMMmmm Cupcakes

    So, there are five delicious looking cupcakes sitting in our hotel room just waiting for me to try them. FIVE! And, I’m too full to eat any of them. Seriously – when does that happen? The thought of eating them hurts my belly. I’m dying here. I LOVE cake in any form, and cupcakes are […]