Georgia Aquarium

Maggie and Mommy joined the NPCC Weekday program on their first ever field trip today.  We went to the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta and had an awesome time.

Mommy’s group included Erin, Maggie, Emily, and Olivia.  They did a great job of sticking together and following directions while we explored the aquarium and saw some really amazing things.  
The kids have been studying God’s Creation, and what a way to really see it up close.  All those different types of fish – awesome really.  Makes you seriously want to know what He was thinking about some of them – strange stuff.  The girls got to see many, many tanks of fish and even touched some sharks, rays, and shrimp.  Yes, they did wash their hands – OFTEN!
The big bonus for Maggie was that she got to spend the day with Emily.  Since the girls were in both the same threes and pre-K class, they’ve missed each other during Kindergarten as they only got to see each other on Sundays.  Witness the LOVE!

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