Things I Love Thursday: Girls Day

The Princess is out of school this week for Winter Break. That means finding childcare while Mommy and Daddy work. It also means a chance to spend some quality time with the Princess.

I worked from home Wednesday so that the Princess and I could have a House of Hills Girls Day. She was so looking forward to it that when she went to bed Tuesday night, she gave me kisses and said “I can’t wait for Mommy day.” So Sweet.

We did fun girl stuff. We got our nails done. She got the full mani and pedi – as in soaking feet, lotions and all. And she got pretty flowers on her ring finger nails. So fun! Then, we had a quick lunch from McDonalds (her favorite) and headed to a movie. We saw “The Spy Next Door.” It was a cute movie – lots of crazy Jackie Chan stuff, which the Princess loved.

What wasn’t really important was what we did. What was important was that we did it together. Just us girls. As she gets older, I want her to still WANT to hang out with her mom. So, we will continue to do House of Hills Girls Day on a regular basis.

I LOVE THEM…and even better, so does she.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I also enjoyed reading about your “House of Hills Girls’ day.” My daughter is 3 1/2 an we have started taking her on dates, which I look forward to more than she does, I think! LOVE the mani/pedi idea…I NEVER outgrew my mom, by the way. She was fab at keeping our relationship fun with days like you described- you really brought back some wonderful memories.

  2. I don’t get girls day! Sad face. I have boys. Stinky boys.
    But my youngest is a totally different kid when his brother is at preschool. So I’ll probably do “Mommy Days” when they’re a little older.

    I’m thinking they’ll be more food related. Which is fine by me!

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