Top Ten Tuesday: Orange Things

Orange is my life right now. In honor of it, here are my top ten favorite orange things.

1. The actual orange. As in the fruit. Love the juicy, sweet ones.

2. Candy Corn. Don’t you just love candy corn in the fall? It screams October to me.

3. Pumpkin. Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Bread. Mmmmmm… Pumpkin. Realizing I have neither of those recipes on my blog. Gonna have to fix that.

4. My AWESOME Bic Mark It! Orange pen.

5. Mimosas – what? They’re orange.

6. Orange cream popsicles.

7. Reeses. There is no better candy on the planet.

8. My newly painted orange toes.

9. My company’s definition of ORANGE: Two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences. When you combine the love of the family (red) with the light of the church (yellow), you get ORANGE– the family and church working together for the lives of the next generation.

10. The Orange Conference – where I’ll be for the next four days – hanging out with over 4,000 church leaders who have come to Atlanta to learn more about the ORANGE strategy. It’s going to be an amazing time of networking, learning, and leading. I’m SO EXCITED. If you’re going to be there, I’ll be in the First Look booth most of the time. Would love to chat with you.

What’s your favorite orange thing?

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    • Mom – I cheated. I wrote posts for the week this weekend, and scheduled them to post up. Gotta keep my readers happy! 🙂

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