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Welcome to the House of Hills Losing It! ladies. I am so excited to continue hosting the “Losing It! And not just my sanity” community. What began as a weight loss challenge hosted by Mary of Giving Up On Perfect, Jessie from Vanderbilt Wife, and Ashleigh from Heart & Home became an amazing community of women working together towards a common goal. It’s my weekly Friday treat to check in with everyone. I really have come to love these ladies. It’s awesome to have a community of friends who understands how exciting it is to be out of clothes with a W in the size!

So, I begged and pleaded asked Mary if I could continue to host Losing It! over here on my site. She checked with the others, and they all heartily agreed. THANKS LADIES!! I am excited to continue to fun!

What is Losing It! you ask? Basically, we’re trying to lose weight, but not just to look better (although that is a nice side effect), but to be healthier – for ourselves and for our families. We’ve set goals for eating better and exercising and are trying very hard keep to them. Every week, we check in by posting an update on our blogs and then linking up together. Now, we’ll link up on this here blog.

Haven’t participated yet but want to? Great! We’d love to have you . The first step is to set you goals. Then, let us know each week how you’re doing. What are your challenges? What are your successes? Let us rejoice with you and cheer you on!!

If you don’t have a blog, but still want to participate, just leave a comment on each week’s update post. We can cheer for you in the comments section.


I’m still doing pretty well with my original goals. I lost a total of 18 pounds in the first ten weeks. I managed to NOT gain during the crazy two weeks of conferences. That was HUGE HUGE HUGE!! However, I’m starting to slack off. Thus, I’m setting some new goals for myself.

My NEW goals:
Drink ONLY water – I’ve been cheating a bit lately. I’ve had some tea (and not all unsweet), and I need to get back on track there.
Exercise at least three times a week – I was doing this, but conference craziness came and I slacked.
Record what I eat – I’ve slacked here too and need to get back on track. I do SO much better about watching what I eat when I record everything that goes in my mouth.

So how is everyone doing this week?

  1. Cindy in PA
  2. So, how you doin? @ JustaChick
  3. Alana @ 107Down
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13 thoughts on “Losing It!: A New Home

  1. Well, I didn’t write a post, but I’m checking in! I didn’t lose anything this week, and I can only blame…the Oreos, the Coke and the several meals of Mexican food! Yowsa!!

    I think I have to cut myself off from all beverages and go back to water-only. It’s a good first step for me to get back on this wagon!

    Love that you’re continuing this! I posted a link here on my FB page. 🙂

    • Thanks for all the encouragement (and postings) Mary!

      Water is key! Seriously important – the water. It’s crazy how everything just works better when you’re only drinking water. Kinda proves that’s what we were designed to drink I guess. Don’t think there was Coke in the Garden of Eden.

      Looking forward to see how your “Water Only” week goes!

  2. I’ll be back in the saddle soon! Looking forward to continuing this. I’m going to let my sister and two cousins know since they have blogs and all are trying to lose weight and sort of keep us updated on it. They might like this on going support group now! lol. I don’ even want to know what I weight right now since I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a bunch back of the past couple of stressful weeks. But I’m not giving up and I’ll be back on the bandwagon soon!

    • Would love to have all the family hook up! It’s so helpful to have an accountability group – which would be why Weight Watchers works so well for so many!

      I know you’re body is just freaked out – both emotionally and physically. Start small and jump back in it girl. You can do it!

  3. things I have learned about myself in this weigh down chalenge:
    -why does water help so much, I don’t know but it does wonders in keeping my appetite and hunger evaluations realistic. I’ve realized that if I drink anything besides water when I eat, I simply eat more and for a prolonged amount of time. The more water I drink the better I feel as well, not as hungry or peckish and if I HAVE to have something since I have blood sugar issues I pop like 5 almonds in my mouth and the protein helps keep me strong and steady.
    – I have also learned that I simply cannot snack after dinner, it is too weak a time for me and so if I simply don’t eat anything (esp. since dinner wasn’t all that long ago) I am not overly tempted and often times I even go to bed a llittle earlier since I am paying closer attention to what my body is telling me.
    -if I am not sleep deprived I am not as hungry for sweet things and I even feel up to exercising first thing in the morning when my alarm goes off (I have to exercise before hubby goes off to work or it just doesn’t happen for me too)
    these may seem like simple realizations but they are huge to me in my success so far. Keep up with what has worked and the personal struggles and breakthroughs, you all encourage me mightily! Thank you!

    • So CRAZY about water isn’t it – it makes SUCH a difference when I get at least 8 glasses of water in each day.

      Hear you about the quick snack that you need sometimes. Somebody told me about dark chocolate covered almonds. It’s a chocolate powder so doesn’t add many calories, but lots of taste. I’ve had a couple – they’re pretty good.

      Snacking after dinner – a big no for me too. I do allow myself one fat free/sugar free pudding cup while watching tv with My Sweetie – while he’s having his ice cream or cookies. I eat it with a toddler spoon so it lasts longer! LOL!

      One thing I’ve noticed too – if I have ANY sweets (especially a carby sweet) during the day, I can’t seem to get enough of them. It causes a chain reaction. The easiest thing to do is to just avoid them altogether.

      Thanks so much for sharing this week! Sounds like you’re doing great!!

  4. Hey girl! I posted my link up but it’s not showing up… went to re-enter and it said that it’s already posted..hmmmm… Just wanted you to know that I did linky up.. even if it was this morning!! 🙂 Love ya!

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