Happy Mother's Day

I LOVE being a mom. I love the cuddles. I love the hugs. I love the unconditional love. I love being a family. I just LOVE being a mom.

But sometimes being a mom is HARD. It’s time consuming. It’s exhausting. It’s overwhelming.

And it is SO SO worth it!

Now that I’m a mom, I can truly appreciate what my mother went through. She was a single mom who worked a hard job every day and came home each night to another tough job. And, she was/is an AMAZING mom. When I think about what she must have sacrificed to do all that she did for my brother and I, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for her. Much more love than I showed her as a smart mouth teenager I’m sure.

So, thanks mom. Thanks for being the perfect mom for me.

And, thanks to my mother-in-law for helping to form the man who became my husband – the perfect man for me.

And, thanks to my step-mother-in-law for loving my husband as her own.

Because of these women, I have an amazing life – an awesome husband, a beautiful daughter, and SO MUCH LOVE!

Happy Mother’s Day ladies. I love you so.

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