Losing It! 05 21 10

Hello Losing It! Ladies!

We have a fun image for our Losing It! posts thanks to my AMAZING Sweetie. He whipped this up for me last night. LOVE HIM! For many reasons, but his graphics talent rocks!

Now for even bigger news! I weighed myself this morning. Are you ready? Are you ready?


I am so excited. You know what makes me even more excited! I didn’t celebrate by having a piece of cake. I kept on going. Today was a good day eating wise. Still counting those calories.

It’s been a GREAT week exercise wise. I have walked EVERY day for a week and a half. I’m even getting up now at 5:15 in the morning so that I can walk for an hour before becoming a mommy. It’s working out really well. I get to start the day waking up with my praise music and some personal time. It helps me start the day very refreshed and ready to go.

So, I’m doing well on my goals.

How are you doing this week? I would love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Losing It! 05 21 10

  1. I’m new to Losing It, however I’ve been trying to introduce my weight loss goals to my blog for awhile because I know that making it “public” makes me more accountable to lose the weight.
    Thanks for hosting!!

    • WHOOP WHOOP! Glad to have you! Welcome.

      The going “public” is a HUGE way to stay accountable. It has really helped me!

  2. Kathy you rock!! Congrats!! I’m back on my mission to finish what I started, now I just need to remember to post about it & then I’ll link up!! (Love your button by the way – I STILL don’t have one for SatStumbles … it’s on “the” list!)

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