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I walked this morning for the first time in over a month. Like really, that was the first time I’ve done any physical exercise since My Sweetie’s back went out. We’ve been having some rough times over at the House of Hills, and I just didn’t feel like I could leave my little family unattended. I felt like I always had to be there. Just in case. I’m a “just in case” person. Like seriously. It’s an issue.

But, today, I walked. And my body rejoiced. At least I think it was rejoicing. It was so stinking cold out at 5AM that part of my body was just numb. But the other part, it was rejoicing. My thighs and butt are kinda achey right now, but in a good way. In a “wow, you got off your fat behind and did something” way. That’s good. I had forgotten how good that feels.

I’m hoping it feels good enough today so that when the alarm goes off tomorrow at 5AM (yes, on a Saturday) I’ll get up and do it again. I’m also kinda dreaming about going to the Y, maybe lifting a few weights. Whoop! My body will be singing (or screaming) then. Whoop!

What makes your body rejoice? Are you listening to your body? It will talk to you. It will tell you what you need. And just so you know. That voice telling you that you need that red velvet cupcake. That’s not your body. I know this from personal experience as I enjoyed a massive red velvet cupcake last night. My body was not so much pleased with me.

How are you doing on your Losing It! challenge?

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