Happy Birthday to ME!

Next month is my birthday month. Whoop! Whoop! Yes, I still celebrate my birthday. I’ve got one more year until 40. I might stop celebrating then, but I doubt it. I’m an extrovert. I enjoy a good party – especially when I’m surrounded by my people.

Not only is next month my birthday month, it’s also the month of the 30 Day Giving Challenge, in which I am participating. I love to give, and on my birthday is no exception.

So, I’m having a PARTY, but I’m GIVING MY PRESENTS AWAY!!

On Saturday, November 13th, the House of Hills is opening its doors to anyone and everyone who wants to come over and help us give. We’re going to unlock the door at 10 and lock it again at 3. We’re going to have food. We’re going to have cupcakes. We’re going to have me walking around in a crazy birthday hat. But, most importantly, we’re going to have boxes. Lots and lots of boxes.


That’s right. I’m getting 100 of them. Why 100? Well, it’s a big number and therefore a challenge. I think we can do it. I really think we can.

If you are unfamiliar with the Operation Christmas Child program, be sure to go read about it here. In a nutshell, it allows those of us with plenty to give to those with little. It allows us to make a child’s Christmas that much brighter. It allows us to make a difference. It allows us to serve those in need.

So, are you coming to my party? If you’re in town, you should come on over. Really, you should.

Instead of bringing me a present (’cause you know you were going to get me a present), bring items to pack into an Operation Christmas Child box and $7 per box for shipping. They’ve provided a GREAT LIST of what to put in the boxes. When you get to the house, you can pack your box, hang out for a bit, and then leave the box with us. We’ll get them all to a drop location.

We have many things that have been given to me in bulk to go in the boxes.

  • The boxes themselves from Operation Christmas Child
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste from my awesome co-worker Deb who is working with her dentist
  • Plush animals from My Sweetie
  • Mini coloring books from The Princess
  • Baggies of hard candy from my family and my mom (Updated 10.29.10)
  • Boxes of crayons from my mom (Updated 10.29.10)
  • Watercolors from my dad (Updated 11.01.10)
  • Bouncy Balls from my co-worker, Sue (Updated 11.01.10)
  • Mini-slinkies from co-worker and blogger, Misty (Updated 11.01.10)
  • Fun Bands from blogger, Mom With A Minivan (Updated 11.01.10)
  • Small notepads from my co-worker, Lois (Updated 11.01.10)

So, how do you want to help me celebrate my birthday? Do you want to send me something to put in the boxes? Do you want to send some money to cover the cost of shipping?

Even better, do you want to come party with me and pack a box or two?

Come on over and celebrate me by giving to those who need a gift oh so much more.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! We will be in Savannah that weekend but you can be assured we will fill several boxes. Can I help you deliver them the next week?

    • Maybe you can donate a certain item to go in all the boxes? That would be cool.

      Might need help delivering. Still working on the logistics of that. Thanks!

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