30 Day Give – Day 8

30-Day Giving Challenge

Monday night is Small Group Night here at the House of Hills. It has been for years. Like forever I think. Truly, I can’t remember a time in recent memory that Monday night wasn’t Small Group Night. What is Small Group? Well, it’s a group, and it’s small. Seriously, it’s a group of five to six couples who get together on a regular basis (we aim for weekly) to do life together. We build community. We pray together. We study the Bible together. We are the church for each other. Oh, and we eat. We LOVE to eat.

Now, some small groups just do a light snack and a dessert. Others don’t do food at all. Our small group…well… did I mention we LOVE to eat. We do a full meal. Dessert included. The first half hour of group is enjoying our meal together. Whomever is in charge of food gets there (wherever we’re meeting) a bit early to set up the spread. I LOVE bringing food for small group. Why? Because I can cook things that I wouldn’t normally make for the family. Things like hearty stews and soups or really meaty casseroles. Um, yummm…

This Monday was my night to cook. I made Cheesy Broccoli With Rice and Chicken (adding extra chicken), a salad, rolls, and Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Everything was a hit. These recipes are to be added to the book. We’re actually compiling a “book” (really just copies) of all our favorite Small Group recipes. It can sometimes be hard to find a recipe that will make enough to feed six couples and travels well. When you do find such a recipe, it’s a keeper. These were both keepers.

Cooking for others. Ya, that’s my favorite way to give.

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