30 Day Give: Day 16

30-Day Giving Challenge

Tuesday morning I took my mom out to breakfast. It was an AMAZING way to start the day. My mom and I have had the typical mother-daughter ups and downs over the years. We couldn’t stand each other when I was a young teen, but as I matured and realized that my mom was pretty much right about MOST (NOT ALL) things, our relationship has gotten stronger. When the Princess was born, I talked to my mom daily. Well, to be truthful, more than once a day. I needed reassurance from my mommy that I was doing it right.

I consider my mom one of my heroes. She taught me right from wrong. She taught me to treat others with respect and kindness. She taught me how to do laundry and make mac & cheese. She taught me almost everything I needed to get a good start in this world. For that I am extremely grateful.

Mom and I don’t get to talk as much as we used to. I don’t have a long commute anymore. I always used to talk to her on my way home. She’s busy with all my nieces and nephews. One of the cousins is almost always at Grandma’s house. So, the opportunity to sit down and have a meal and a conversation with just her and no kids running around was wonderful.

I’m calling it my give to her ’cause I paid for breakfast. However, she’s given me more than I can ever repay. Thanks mom. I love you.

Linked to Things I Love Thursday ’cause I love my mom.

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