2010 Blog Recap

I’m so excited that I’m able to do the Blog Recap Carnival this year. I remember reading tons of them last year and sad that I was unable to do one. I hadn’t really blogged much at all in 2009. However, in 2010, I did some blogging people! Whoop! I did enough blogging that I actually have a “first” post of every month (rather than the “only” post of the month in 2009).

This is how it works. I’ve linked to the first post of each month of the year, given you the first line, and then a quick synopsis. Feel free to click through the year with me. It’s rather like a quick scrapbook of an entire year.

JANUARY: We’re back from our quick couple getaway in Tennessee.

We had just returned from a fabulous couple time weekend getaway, and I was about to head into the new year doing a pantry challenge. This post actually lists my pantry inventory – exciting stuff huh?

FEBRUARY: Somehow it is already February of the year 2010.

Wow! Obvious statement there. This is actually a Top Ten Tuesday post about all that was planned for February 2010. It was a busy month!

MARCH: How is it possibly March already?

Okay… I was seriously have an issue with how fast the year was going by. This was a Menu Plan Monday. It has the link to the pork dumplings I was thinking about the other day. I need to make those again.

APRIL: I have a secret for my recently acquired will power (besides all your prayer cover that is).

Oooohhhh…Now, this is a good first line. This is a Things I Love Thursday post all about something that was helping me not eat. I’m not going to tell you what it was. You gotta click the link.

MAY: Well, I’m home from my conference, and the hubby is off to his.

Then end of April to beginning of May is craziness at the House of Hills due to our work conferences. However, in 2011, they aren’t back to back. Can I get a sigh of relief there. This is a Menu Plan Monday post with only one recipe link. Feel free to skip this one.

JUNE: Summer has fully arrived here in the South. Ahhhh… summer.

This is another Top Ten Tuesday about the senses of summer. I like this one. It makes me smile.

JULY: Hello Losing It! Ladies!

This was a Losing It! Friday where I check in with all my Losing It! friends. Losing It! changed my life this year. It truly did.

AUGUST: We love “Brinner” at our house – that’s breakfast for dinner in case you didn’t know.

Ahhh… “Brinner” – what do you have when you make “Brinner”?

SEPTEMBER: Okay people! We are settled in our new home.

This was another Menu Plan Monday. The first in awhile. We had just moved into our temporary home. I can’t believe we’re moving again in a few months. Ack! This one has a link to our favorite Garlic Shrimp that we eat ALL the time.

OCTOBER: Happy October Losing It! Ladies!!

Another Friday. This is where I lament that I TOTALLY fell off the wagon while on the Disney Cruise. TOTALLY.

NOVEMBER: Today was the first day of The 30-Day Giving Challenge, and I woke up bright and early to make sure I got my give done.

I LOVED the 30-Day Giving Challenge. It was so great to focus on giving for a full month. This post is the first of MANY in the month of November all about giving.

DECEMBER: We were traveling for Thanksgiving and needed to pack some snacks.

This is the post where I tell you how to pack snacks for the car without crushing them. Very profound…


So, there you have it. The first post of each month of the year. You know what… I do a lot of the same thing each month. I wonder, is that a good thing or a bad thing. Good because everybody like to know what to expect or bad because I might be in a blogging rut? Hmmmm… gonna have to think on that one.

To see more fun recaps, head on over to Musings of a Housewife.

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