Losing It! 02 04 11

How is it possibly Friday again? Seriously? And, it’s February? How did that happen?

I’m not going to lie to you friends. I did TERRIBLE at Blissdom. TERRIBLE!!! The conference was called Blissdom. They had Hershey’s Bliss chocolate EVERYWHERE! Like EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t get away from it! (Not that I tried very hard.)

So, I came back from Blissdom up 7 pounds. 7 pounds! That’s insane! And crazy! And insane! I must be retaining some type of water. How does one gain 7 pounds in 4 days. It’s insane I say!!


In the days since I returned, I’m back down 4 pounds. That’s almost a pound a day so I must have been retaining something. Or, it could be that I’ve cut myself off from yummy Bliss chocolate so my body is going back to normal.

Good grief! When will I learn?! When will I learn that you can’t let go of the discipline? You can’t have something “for a treat.” Why can’t I learn that my body takes sugar and holds on to it tight? Why can’t I remember as I’m shoving chocolate in my mouth that it will impact my weight in HOURS? Why can’t I learn that?


Can you tell I’m a bit frustrated with myself? Just slightly.

However, this I KNOW. I KNOW that counting calories works for me. I KNOW that walking three to four times a day works for me. I KNOW that avoiding carbs works for me. I KNOW that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day helps me. I KNOW these things.

The question becomes…what am I gonna do about it?

How did you do this week?

4 thoughts on “Losing It! 02 04 11

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself!! Treats are not always a bad thing. It’s a matter of learning to manage the treats. I still don’t always trust myself, but having accountability is a huge help in this area for me.

    Hang in there. Get back to the healthy habits that you know work for you. You can do it!! Hugs!

  2. Hey, long time, huh? It has been a long month! I came to check in for the first Friday as I said I would. I don’t have great news myself (I’ve gained another pound since last month…which isn’t much, but remember my goal to be down five pounds by Valentine’s Day?), but your post made me smile because you are so funny. I’ve been there! You are wonderful no matter what the scale says, don’t forget! You have made progress & you still will.

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