Works For Me Wednesday: Freezing Sauce

My Katie taught me many things before she went to be with Jesus. She taught me about love and compassion and faith and friendship. All amazing things. However, right before she passed she taught me an awesome practical thing.

She taught me how to freeze spaghetti sauce.

Now, with as much batch/freezer cooking as I do, you know I’ve frozen spaghetti sauce before. I would pour it into Ziploc baggies using my purple cup method, struggle to get it out to the garage freezer and then hope to find a flat place to put the baggies so they would freeze somewhat uniform.

It NEVER occurred to me to create a flat place for them. Um, DUH!

So, the day that I was over at Katie’s house when she had just finished a batch of spaghetti sauce and asked me to freeze it for her was eye opening! She walked me through how she did it, and I had to pull out my camera/phone to take pictures.

She was brilliant!

Put a cookie sheet in the freezer, lay all the bags on top, and they freeze nice and flat.

Then, once they’re frozen, you can shelve them like books in a plastic container or basket in the freezer.

Total brilliance.

I made a triple batch of Katie’s sauce this weekend for her family’s freezer. Guess how I froze it for them?

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