Losing It 11: Week 4

How was your week?

It was GREAT chatting with you guys more on Twitter this week. I love the mutual support. I really want to try and do more and more of that. I love seeing you talk to each other too. So fun!

We are fighting a lovely virus at the House of Hills right now. Well, by “we” I mean the Princess. The poor thing has sores all in her throat. We are so thankful they have not moved into her mouth, but still she is highly contagious. That means that I’m highly contagious since I hold her and love on her no matter what. That also means my Sweetie is doing his best to stay very far away from us. I’m kinda missing him.

All that to say, my exercise hasn’t been as good this week as I’m afraid to leave the house as I don’t want her to need someone and then infect my Sweetie. I’m going to try and get a walk in today if I can. It’s hard when you don’t want to leave them. (And, yes, I realize she is eight and not a newborn, but I still don’t like leaving her when she’s ill.)

My goals for this week were…

  • Lose 2 pounds Nope. But I didn’t gain any either.
  • Exercise 6 times Nope. See above for my excuse reason.
  • Drink nothing but water and 1 glass of tea a day Better this week. Still need to drink less tea.
  • Log my calories into My Fitness Pal daily (and DON’T go over) Five out of seven days.
  • Encourage the #LosingIt11 gals better on Twitter Yep! At least I think so.
  • Begin the day with prayer for help with my eating choices. Yep! I love time with my heavenly Father.

I’m keeping the same goals for next week. One week I’ll get them all!

So, how about you guys. I saw some real work on Twitter this week. I can’t wait to hear how everyone is doing!!

4 thoughts on “Losing It 11: Week 4

  1. I think it’s great that you were able to stick to most of your goals, even with a sick child. That’s hard! And I don’t blame you at all for not wanting to leave her while sick. My mom still gets super concerned for me when I tell her I’m not feeling well. And you are a HUGE encouragement to us via twitter. Once I can use Tweetdeck again, I’ll be present a lot more on Twitter.
    Thanks for being awesome!

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