Top Ten Tuesday : Jasper

Maggie enjoyed playing Jasper in “101 Dalmations” a few months ago. I never shared pictures. So, here you go! There’s ten of them!



Jasper in "Cruella's Fur Vault"

Jasper and Horace (Cast A) in dress rehearsal.

Jasper and her daddy on opening night.

Jasper and Cousin E on opening night.

Jasper and Cousins L and A.

Jasper with Cousin R.

Jasper with Horace and Cruella. Love her smile.

Jasper and Horace hearing Cruella's EVIL plan.

Jasper dancing and singing with Horace and Cruella.

She had SO MUCH fun being Jasper. She LOVES being the bad guy and is currently rehearsing the role of a Hun in “Mulan.” She actually gets to go to Disney World to compete in February with that production.

I think I’m becoming a Drama Mama…. which is really hysterical if you think about it.

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