30 Day Give : Day 13

Today I cleaned the bathrooms.

Yes, I consider this a “give.” I DO NOT like to clean the bathrooms. Nobody in this house does. So, when I do it, I consider it a give.

In fact, today I cleaned the bathrooms, did several loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and multiple other things.

On my birthday.

And you know what… I was SO VERY THANKFUL the entire time I was doing it.

Thankful for bathrooms to clean.

Thankful for a house to live in.

Thankful that I could stop and have a snack when I wanted.

Thankful I had a daughter to care for (she’s got bronchitis).

Thankful for my family.

Just, thankful.

So, my give to my family was cleaning the bathrooms.

The give I received from my Heavenly Father – so very much more.


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