Disney Cruise: Dining on Deck 11 of the Disney Dream

Dining on Deck 11 of the Disney Dream from HouseofHills.org

We’re preparing to board the Disney Dream once again next month. Yes, I know we “just went” in December, but we NEED to go again. Really, we do.

Even more exciting about this trip is that we know two other families that will be on the ship at the same time. We’re going to have so much fun hanging out with Mickey together!

Since neither family has been on a Disney Cruise before, we’ve been going through our pictures and sharing all kinds of information about the Disney Dream. And, in doing so, I realized I took pictures specifically to share with you, and I haven’t yet! I need to fix that!

One of the awesome things about cruising with Disney is the food. It’s amazing. I talked about how much I loved it when we went in 2010 and the food on the Christmas Cruise we took in 2012 was even more amazing. When I talk about the dining, most people think I’m just talking about the sit down dining, but there’s great quick service food too.

You find this yumminess on Deck 11 of the Disney Dream…


Fillmores Favorites

To Mater Grill

Isn’t that an amazing variety of food!? And, it’s all FREE!! Well, I mean, you paid for it when you paid for the cruise, but there is no additional cost for any of that yumminess.

And, it’s right there by the pool so you can grab a quick snack for the kids (or you) while you’re sunning and frolicking.

A House of Hills favorite is to grab some chicken fingers around 5pm and take them down to the cabin while we’re getting ready to go to the show. We typically do late dining (around 8), so we need a little something to eat before we go see the extraordinary entertainment in the theater.

In addition, there are some treats that have a minimal charge. It’s worth the small price.

Frozone Treats


Last but not least is what Maggie considers THE BEST THING ON THE SHIP!


Ice cream. For Free. As much as you can eat. For Free. As much as you want. Ice Cream.
I think her record in one day was NINE!

There are definitely some great food to be found in the quick service areas on Deck 11. They are typically open from 11am to 7pm, and you would want to check your Navigator daily to confirm the hours.

In addition to the quick service counters, you can dine in Cabanas, which is a buffet restaurant or grab drinks, specialty coffees, and snacks in the adult only Cove Cafe.

Have you dined on Deck 11 of the Dream (or the Fantasy)? What was your favorite thing?


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