31 Days of Disney: So, I’ve got a broken pinky

Broken Pinky HouseofHills.org


This happened yesterday.

One minute I was stepping up on the curb at Maggie’s Drama Studio. The next, I was falling ever so quickly towards the ground. I braced my fall with my left hand and felt and heard something nasty as I landed.

I knew immediately it was NOT GOOD!

I was whisked to the ER by the Drama Mamas where hubby joined me. He of course started taking pictures.

Broken Pinky HouseofHills.org

Major fracture of the left pinky. I wish I had a picture of the x-ray. Not the pinky itself because it was GROSS! My poor little pinky had totally moved over. Like A LOT!!

And OH. MY. WORD. did it hurt. My poor husband. He’d never seen me in that much pain.

Then, they gave me these massive shots to numb it so they could set it, wrapped it up and sent me home. With some prescriptions of course. Did I mention the pain? The insane pain.

So, I’m sitting here icing and elevating. And typing with one hand.

Making an appointment with the hand specialist tomorrow. Praying I won’t have to have surgery, but not real optimistic about that. Like I said, the finger practically moved over.

This definitely will slow down my 31 Days of Disney posts. I had big plans to write several posts during rehearsal yesterday. Sigh.

I still have lots to share with you. And, I REALLY want to share it!!

4 thoughts on “31 Days of Disney: So, I’ve got a broken pinky

  1. So I’ll take this opportunity to do a mini-Disney post for you: The Disney parks have medical centers which take care of guests who experience medical problems. We had to make use of Epcot’s medical station when visiting with my mentally challenged uncle. They were extremely kind and patient with him and allowed him to rest on one of their beds until he was feeling better. They even gave us a wheelchair to borrow for his use for the rest of the day. It allowed us to remain in the park and enjoy ourselves rather than having to take time out of our day to take him back to where we were staying. Visitors to Disney can relax knowing that all of their needs will be taken care of. I hope you’re feeling a little better!

  2. I am sorry to hear that you broke your little pinky. I know that really hurts. I also know that between Maggie and David you have good help to take care of you. We love you and have been enjoying the Disney Tour.
    Dottie and Richard

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