Awe, She Loves Me

I took Mags outside tonight to do a few quick videos and pictures for work. She was of course beautiful and great on camera.


Then, I handed her the camera to hold while I picked up our scripts, and she started doing something I didn’t expect. She started taking pictures of me. Like, lots of them.


She loves the fancy, new camera as much as I do and often grabs it to take nature shots. But, she’s never turned it on me.

Why would she want pictures of me?

And then I thought something that made me pause.

I take pictures of her ALL THE TIME.
Like, multiple times a day usually.
Because I love her more than words can say.
I love every inch of her… flaws and all.

You know what? She loves me that much.
Flaws and all.
Maybe that’s why she wants to take pictures of me.
So she can see me through that lens.
And focus on just me like I like to focus on just her.

So, I let her take my picture.
Because she loves me.


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