Spring 2015 Chorus Concert

Saturday morning was final Imrov Class.
Sunday night was Recital.
Monday night was the Spring 2015 Chorus Concert.


I have to tell you. I LOVE the Chorus Concert. Maggie has had the honor and privilege of being under the direction of one of what I would consider the best choral directors in the state. Miss Grizzle does AMAZING things with these kids, and we always enjoy the concert.


She sang in a total of three different groups last night. Was super proud of her. I grabbed some excerpts so the grandparents could hear. However, if you enjoy beautiful music, go ahead and push play. You’ll be impressed.



And, apparently my camera work was a bit shaky. I think I was enjoying the music too much. I seemed to be dancing to it! That’s hysterical!

This concluded our trifecta of performances, and we can now relax in the House of Hills. It’s been a crazy year, and I’m glad my girl has done so well in what she loves.

And, we got a semi-decent family picture!



Are you done with the end of the school year crazy yet?


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