Attempting a Family Selfie at Woodlands Camp

We picked Maggie up at Woodlands Camp this morning. Before we left, I wanted to get a family selfie so I could Instagram that we were back together. The family selfie taker of the group is David, because his arms are the longest – obviously.

Here is how it progressed…

HOH Woodlands Camp 1

YAY! A good family pick with the lake in the background.

HOH Woodlands Camp 2

Maggie makes a crazy face as David zooms in a little.

HOH Woodlands Camp 3

Yay! Another one of everyone smiling, but my husband has cropped out all his hair.

HOH Woodlands Camp 4

My husband seems to be disappearing.

HOH Woodlands Camp 5

And, Maggie makes another face.

HOH Woodlands Camp 6

We all make crazy faces.

HOH Woodlands Camp 7

I’m laughing. Maggie is looking bored. David is still in crazy face mode.

HOH Woodlands Camp 8

I’m now cracking up just waiting to see what happens next.

HOH Woodlands Camp 9

I love them.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that bring the biggest smiles. So glad to have the girl home again. Although, I did enjoy five straight date nights.



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