HOHServe: The School Girl Project Via Mercy House

For those that have been around the House of Hills for several years, you know that I have a big heart for Mercy House. In fact, we’ve been supporters of  Mercy House since I discovered them back in 2010.


Well, Kristin has brought another need to my attention via her blog, We Are That Family. It seems that teenage girls in Africa are skipping school. They’re not skipping because they don’t want to go. They’re skipping because of their monthly cycle. They just don’t have the supplies they need to take care of business and so hide in their homes once a month.

Now, I have a teenage girl, and I can say that I see her wanting to hide in the house for a multitude of reasons in the future. (I mean, I remember wanting to hide in my house as a teenage girl. Don’t you?) However, I can say with some confidence that her cycle isn’t going to keep her at home. And, it shouldn’t keep these young girls in Africa home either.

Kristin has given us a VERY EASY way to help with this problem. And, she explains it quite well in her post over at We Are That Family. However, let me break it down for you.

You can mail: 
1. A check made out to “Mercy House” with “School Girl Project” in the memo line.
2. Sanitary Pads (all brands and sizes)  – please note that these girls don’t even have clean drinking water so while there are washable options available on the market, disposable is the way to meet the need right now.

If you want to mail sanitary pads, I did a little Amazon research for you. Both these options are Prime available. (affiliate links)



Mail your check or sanitary pads to:

Mercy House

8000 Research Forest Dr. Set 115-110

Spring, TX 77382

Deadline: Sept 26, 2015

Thank you for considering helping girls across the world so that they can continue to go to school. Nobody wants to miss the opportunity for an education.

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