It’s Summer!

We’ve had a ROUGH school year here at the House of Hills. I mean REALLY ROUGH. That’s why we were ALL so excited to yell “It’s Summer!” this past Friday afternoon.

It's Summer 01

We celebrate the beginning of summer with a little mini-party when Maggie comes home from school. She always gets great grades and accomplishes many amazing things throughout the school year so we like to make a big deal of it all.


There are presents.


And balloons.


We gave a little shout out to her role as JoJo this year in Seussical Jr.


And, we gave her a little slice of her second home.


Then, she got her big surprise. We booked a trip to Disney World for this fall weeks ago and were going to surprise her right before we went. But, she needed a bit of Disney magic to start the summer so we told her earlier than planned.


She was so excited and so thankful.


And slightly overwhelmed.

She’s already started planning the trip.
We’ll be talking about it for months.
That’s her favorite.

How do you kickoff summer in your house?