Valentine’s 2012

These are the girl’s Valentine’s that she’ll be passing out next week. Valentine’s Day is next week right? Pretty sure that’s right.

Anyway, I wanted to share it with you because I thought it was a fun idea.

I went onto to look at maybe doing a fun picture of the girl for her valentines this year. Everything I looked at seemed a little young. I mean, she is in the 4th grade now. She’s ALL grown up.

Then, I ended up in the label section. Hmmm… I thought. We could just get labels and stick them on candy. It’s the candy the kids want anyway. The cute little cards just end up in the trash.

So, I ordered some labels and bought some fun size candy bars.

And, valentines are already done.

Well, they’re almost done. The girl has to finish sticking the labels on.

I even picked up some of the giant chocolate bars that were on sale last week (or was it this week… it’s a blur) at Kroger. She’s going to give these to her teachers. Teachers need A LOT of chocolate. Trust me on this one.

This whole label thing made Valentine’s Day SO EASY this year. (I know all my Pinterest friends are rolling their eyes right now. But, I just don’t have time to be cute and crafty!)

And, you don’t have to order labels. You could easily make some labels using a word processing program and print them at home. How easy would it be for your five your old to stick a label on something rather than writing his name twenty times. (Been there, done that.)

What are you doing for your kids’ valentines this year?

My awesome friend, Jessica, did a little Tiny Prints research. She discovered that you can get stuff this weekend if you use the Rush Delivery. And, she found a code SR995 that will give you $5 off. So, thanks Jessica! BTW – I’m not being paid by Tiny Prints. I just like their stuff.

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