Works For Me Wednesday: Lunch Tray

The Princess often likes to eat her lunch while watching TV on the weekends… and I often let her. I know, I know. Seriously bad on the Perfect Mommy scale, but it’s not the worst thing I do I’m sure.

She has her favorite spot on the couch and considers it a real treat for her lunch to be served to her in that spot. (Please note that I said this is a treat – as in it doesn’t happen ALL the time.) The issue became that a plate while sitting on the couch is not all that secure. As in, it will slide onto the floor when the Princess is reaching for the remote. So, what’s a Mommy to do? Come up with a little lunch tray for a little lap – that’s what!

I used one of my Tupperware Modular Mates – don’t ask me the specific name – I don’t know these things. It’s the skinny rectangle one. I just put her lunch in snack baggies (just as I would in her lunch box) and put those in the rectangle. It’s small and compact, and sits just perfectly on her lap.

A happy girl, with a safe lunch. That works for me!

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  1. Totally fun! My kids love it when I take the time to slice smoked hard sausage, cheddar cheese and place them on a big platter with crackers, grapes, carrots and hummus! They make their own snackables!

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  3. Terrific! I have several of this size modular mate. My kids will love this. Yes, I am publicly admitting that I sometimes allow my children to watch a show and eat in the living room at the same time.

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