Menu Plan Monday 03.01.10

How is it possibly March already?  Seriously DO NOT know how that is possible.


Tried two new to me recipes last week. I made the PORK DUMPLINGS on Saturday. They were SO GOOD that they got their own post on this here blog. AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! However, not for those looking for a quick meal.

Sunday afternoon I made Ina’s GARLIC ROAST CHICKEN WITH VEGETABLES. It smelled INCREDIBLE while it was cooking. I somehow timed it so that it was ready just after the big hockey game. Perfect! I chose not to make the CLOUD BISCUITS I was originally planning to make with the chicken since I have joined the LOSING IT! Challenge. They would have been just too tempting, and the only one who really needs carbs in this family is the Princess!


MONDAY: Small Group (Not Cooking – Whoop! Whoop!)

TUESDAY: Chocolate Chili (from freezer)

WEDNESDAY: Beef Sandwiches (beef from freezer), green beans

THURSDAY: Chicken Burritos (use chicken, rice, and black beans from freezer)

FRIDAY: Leftovers

SATURDAY: Sub sandwiches – hubby pick up

SUNDAY: Taco Soup (from freezer)

You will notice I’m using a lot from the freezer this week. Well, isn’t that the point of putting it in the freezer? To use it later? Tee hee hee. Actually, the reason is that I’m going to do the ONCE A MONTH MOM COOK OFF. Yep, I’m gonna do it. Next Saturday. Which means that I need some freezer space! Why am I doing it? The biggest reason I’m doing it – I need a food processor. Seriously need one. And, that’s the grand prize. So, I’m going for it. Even if I don’t win, I’ll have a freezer full of food to use and give away. So, be looking for more posts on that this week.

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