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Happy October Losing It! Ladies!! It is hard to believe that we started this journey together back in February. WOW! That’s a long time ago. And, we have all worked so hard that whole, well most, of that time. I am so blessed to call you my Losing It! friends. Thanks for being on this journey with me. And, it is a journey isn’t it. There are ups and downs. There are roads that lead to nowhere. There are paths that lead to success. And, we’re meandering along the road together. That’s my favorite part. I think that’s why I’m still on this journey – because I have all of you to share it with.

So, if you read the Losing It! post every week and are working on changing your life for the better as far as diet and exercise, we are so glad you’re with us! I challenge you to make a comment or link up with us. Even if  you’ve never done it before. I say this not for me, but for you. There is nothing greater than being part of a community. Nothing. And, it can make all the difference in the world.

Now, on to my update. Well….. here’s the thing. I went on a cruise last week. Did you read all about it? I had a blast! And, I ate. A lot. Correction. I ate a lot compared to what I’d been eating lately. I DID NOT eat what I used to eat on a regular basis. Goodness, I can’t believe how MUCH I used to eat. So, that in of itself proved to me that I’m in a lifestyle change. And, I don’t want to drift back to my old lifestyle.

Since I ate desserts and fried foods (two things I’m trying to steer away from in my lifestyle change), I gained a few pounds. Well, okay, I gained five pounds. In a week – five pounds. Amazing what a good bit of fat and sugar will do, huh! Since coming home, I’ve lost two of those pounds. So, a total net at this point of three pounds gained. **Sigh**

Here’s the plan:

1. Start counting calories again. I had totally slacked on this before the cruise. It’s time to step it up again.

2. Get exercise back into my daily routine. With the move, my husband’s back, my job, the cruise, exercise has slipped out of my life. I actually miss it. I also miss the extra calories it allows me to eat.

3. Make sure I’m getting at least 10 glasses of water. Yes, 10. When I drink 10 a day, I’m not as hungry. It keeps me full.

So those are my short term goals. My long term goal – to lose another 35 pounds. I’ve lost a good 25. And, it’s staying off. For that, I’m so thankful. Now, it’s time to drop the rest.

How are you doing my Losing It! friends?!

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0 thoughts on “Losing It! 10 01 10

  1. We just got back from vacation last Sunday. 2.5 lbs. gained. Lost a pound since I’ve been back and then….

    I had lunch with my ex-boss and at the end I said, “You’re looking great with the weight loss!” Oh. If she’d only said thank you. But no. She said, “Thank you. Are you still working out?” I said that I was still doing the treadmill and weights.

    Then I got in my car and said (to myself), “Way to slam me!” Lesson re-learned. That’s one reason that she’s my ex-boss…and the other is you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but not Brooklyn out of the girl.

    I’ll apologize in advance to any Brooklyn-ites. She’s the only person I know from there so I shouldn’t generalize.

    Goals for this week. More water. More prayer and less contact with my ex-boss. lol

  2. Hey! Good job on ONLY gaining 3 lbs. 🙂 Sorry I was not here to link up on friday… I had a rough day and have been working through it… but I will be back next week. 🙂

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