30 Day Give – Day 4

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today, I had the privilege of going in to the Princess’ classroom to volunteer. Do you go in your child’s classroom to volunteer? Aren’t you always amazed with the amount of stuff going on in your child’s classroom? I used to teach school, and I’m overwhelmed with all those women (and men) are asked to do now. And the technology? Oh. My. Goodness!!! What I could have done with all that technology! **sigh**

The coolest thing about going into my child’s classroom though…it’s the JOY on her face when she sees me, her mom, there in her classroom. She is THRILLED when I come in to help. I get big hugs and kisses. It’s awesome. I know I don’t have many years of this left. At some point, eyes are going to roll and a head is going to hang when I walk in the room. I’m going to hear “Oh mom, please!” But, that hasn’t happened yet. Thank God.

I went to give my time today. I went to serve today. Instead of me doing the giving, I was really doing the receiving. My daughter was filling me with love. She truly is out-giving me so far with this challenge.

Have you been giving? What have you been doing?

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