Losing It! 12.10.10

Hello Losing It! Ladies! How is everyone doing this week?

Thanks to all who are participating in the little contest we’ve got going here at Losing It! It’s great to see everyone working hard to at least maintain through the holidays! So proud of you all.

I went the wrong direction this week. Went up a pound. **Sigh** I know it’s because I haven’t exercised in two weeks. This morning was the first morning I didn’t spend the first awake moments coughing so I’m thinking I might have finally kicked this sinus infection. Whoop! That means I can get back on the exercise program, since I can now take a full breath and all.

How are you doing with the holiday parties? I went to my first Christmas party last night and ate too much. Yep, I did. Now, fortunately, most of what I ate was of the savory category and little was of the sweet category. However, it was too much food. My Sweetie on the other hand did amazing and just had a small plate. Proud of you Sweetie! I will say that I refrained from trying one of EVERY sweet available, which is what I would have done last year. However, I ate to eat and not because I was hungry. Not proud of that.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day! I shall keep on keeping on.

In other news, I saw some video of me from last Christmas. Oh my! It’s amazing to look at your face in the mirror and then look back at when you were 28 pounds heavier. Ya, I’ve lost weight. Whew! Insane difference. I can’t wait until I’ve lost even more. Then I won’t even recognize myself!

So, how are all of you doing? Good week? Link up friends!

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0 thoughts on “Losing It! 12.10.10

  1. I know gaining is always a letdown, but I have to say that you should be so proud of yourself for the 28 pounds you have lost. That is a wonderful accomplishment! Losing weight gradually is often so much more effective and lasting, I think because it gives us a chance to adjust our thinking. So I say “Yay for you!”

  2. So frustrating to gain!! Even being sick didn’t help you lose this week eh? Next time get a stomach bug, k? Just KIDDING! Next week will be better as you get into the habit and routine again!

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