31 Days of Disney: Hats Anyone?

A visit to Disney can get pretty intense. People make lists. They make plans. They want to make sure they see everything they want to see. In fact, some people get a little too serious about the whole thing. I’ve seen a woman standing in line with a color coded schedule that made even this type-A a little nauseous.

One of the joys of Disney is the unexpected thing that catches your child’s eye, the cast members who know just what to say to your kiddo at just the right time, the Mickey ice cream bar…

Don’t forget to have fun and laugh about the little things. Like, you know, the hat cart.

Disney World Hats HouseofHills.org

Disney World Hats HouseofHills.org

Disney World Hats HouseofHills.org

Then, you might actually go to the hat store and buy the one amazing hat you’ve been saving your birthday money for and wear it everywhere for three days.

Disney World Hats HouseofHills.org

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  2. That’s one of my fave things to do, too—take pics of the hats! 🙂


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